Ely High Price for Elementary Study Paper

I am raising two children in the second grade and fourth grade of elementary school.

Until last year, I didn’t make them do elementary school papers

I just solved a little workbook

The eldest child in the fourth grade is becoming more and more difficult to teach.

What my mom tells me to do is

First of all, I’m solving problems with the words that I don’t want to do

I don’t want to listen to it, but I want to see a forced child

I wondered if he was really studying

I looked for the price to get help from Elly High.

You all know the online learning of elementary school made by Elly High 엘리하이 Megastudy Education, right? Not only is the price of Elly High reasonable, but you can choose a teacher according to your student’s personal preferences! Top. You have a professional instructor who can prepare for gifted children! The number of English and math courses is the highest in the industry! The higher-oriented premium elementary school I was looking for was possible.

If you choose Elly High as an elementary school destination,

The best part is that I have a motivation to learn and a habit of learning every day

It’s the best part to make it.

Even if my mom doesn’t nag me,

Through the homeroom teacher’s 1:1 management,

I’m going to study hard every day

From the child’s point of view, it’s a learning reward rocket

Full of motivation as well as achievement!!

It’s a system that goes up, so I’m totally satisfied with the kids!

And since I’m in fourth grade, math is getting harder

Sometimes I skip it because my child is having a hard time

I didn’t, but there are days when I say I’m done.

But if you apply for iTunes service,

Real-time monitoring, attendance management, etc

The child feels that someone is taking care of him

You can check your concentration so that you can get a lot of questions

Did I study with my kid every day today?

I didn’t even have to ask.

Elly High is taught by area and level

From understanding the concept to deepening, to the gifted class, our child’s level and

It’s not easy to choose and study according to your purpose

I like it.

The analysis through AI smart mass repeats the deficiencies

Learn to reduce the number of wrong answers and improve your child’s grades

Help me.

If you buy a comprehensive class, you can use one learning device

In addition to daily learning, history, coding, Chinese characters, English, etc

You can study various contents.

I was able to study not only ELLY HI but also M.V.E in middle school

As for my house,

Two kids are studying on one learning device

Elly High’s price is very cost-effective!

Depending on the contract period, the price is around 100,000 won per month

The fact that you can study various subjects is very cost effective,

It can be burdensome if we sign a contract with an agreement from the beginning, right?

In that case,

Try it for free for 10 days first.

If you experience it for free for 10 days, you’ll get a Prime Tab and a smart pen

And experience books, jelly cases, and stand are delivered by default.

This time, as a special benefit for free experience,

DREAM HIGH! Elementary education guidelines will be delivered together.

So that our children can use their elementary school books better,

It’s a guidebook that helps, so it helps a lot if you read it.

It’s winter vacation soon~

If you spend a long vacation without any elementary school papers,

It’s going to be harder next semester

Get ready in advance!