I strongly recommend a housewarming gift

If you like coffee at your newlywed house, you’re all thinking of a coffee machine as a small appliance, right?

I’m like that too.LOL. I was going to bring a coffee machine to my newlywed house, and it’s cheap and okay as a housewarming gift

I…(Laughing)As soon as I got the house, I bought it (I can’t wait for someone to buy it for me

I want to grind the coffee beans and extract them myself, but if it’s annoying, I’m sure I won’t eat it, so I decided to use a capsule machine

Nespresso machine and Illy machine are the best, but I chose IllyLOL

I used the Dolce Gusto machine at home, and at first, I made all sorts of things, and later I only extracted espresso

Especially for people like me, it’s useless to make milk foam.;

freeze to death like me! I drink iced Americano or iced latte! If you’re like this, I’d like to ask you to choose a reason.

As soon as I found a house, I couldn’t even deliver it on the Internet and bought it at Shinsegae Department Store. 집들이 선물 I was going to buy it like that because there was a pickup service at Skew, but Shinsegae itself gave me a lot of discounts and free gifts. I paid right away at Shinsegae Department Store! I learned how to use it while paying, and when you ask me what kind of coffee beans I want, I like it so much!

The box is black

Haha ♥ Black can never come to my house.LOL

Onni White!!!

The actual color is more like ivory than white!

They gave me a bottle of capsule and a capsule storage box as a free gift along with the welcome capsule, so I bought it right away from Shinsegaelol

Even the discount and storage in capsules! I think it’s a benefit.

I knew this would happen, so I bought a blue bottle mug for early morning delivery;;;;(Laughing)

It’s so pretty on top


There are only pretty cups next to the machine It’s so pretty, right?

I knew this would happen, so I made a box to make a home cafe zoneLOL

But to change the position of the containers, I was going to use it as a spice tray, and the location has changed.LOL

As you can see, there’surely… White sex never buys small appliances in other colors(Laughing) (If you don’t have white, you don’t buy it 😉

The capsule I bought after consultation is Intenso

Among the capsules that can be extracted with espresso, there’s no acidity I found a capsule

They recommended Intenso!

But why is it so good?;

The coffee is so goodAs expected, coffee is an Ili Capsule!

I can’t compare Dolce Restaurant.(Firm)

Nespresso is compatible with capsules, so everyone chooses it, but it’s savory like me I like coffee

Whoever pulls out one capsule doesn’t need to be compatibleLOL I only put intensos in my shopping cart no matter of course.

I always have two at a time when I get a deal

Everyone says how delicious coffee is;

My younger brother calls me a cafe.cafe.(Laughing)You said it’s a famous coffee shop

I don’t know if he’s coming to my house for coffee, but if he goes there, the capsule explodes like that…LOL (Can you throw away the capsule when it’s full?)

Illycapsules are working hard on the breadLOL

I like light coffee, so I drink it in one shot, but my younger brother drinks two shots; so I think I’m out of business whenever my younger brother goes;;;;;;

These days, strawberry cake is delicious, so my brother often buys it for me, and I think of it when I take out strawberry cake!

It neutralizes the sweet strawberry cake. It’s so good

When I drink toast, I drink Americano

There was no Ily capsule. I think the cafe delivery fee and the coffee purchase price were no joke;;

When my friends came, I asked them what they wanted to eat, and they said they wanted to eat cafe foodLOL

So I prepared it for him like a cafe(Laughing)The drink is not alcohol, but Illy coffee!

How much everyone praises the coffee as delicious; the people who went to my house after drinking coffee want to buy Ily coffee machine

Ilycoffee machine that everyone likes! I’ve been using it for a year, but I don’t get tired of it

And I was worried about the white color, but I’m using a small bag in the capsule container that I’m using after I’ve used it all

I wiped it every time it got on me, but there was no color gamification yet! I’m still taking care of my skin!

The price is also very good as a housewarming gift for newlyweds, so I highly recommend it as a housewarming gift for newlyweds!!

And if you like tasteless, savory coffee like me, make sure to try the Illi Intenso capsule!

It is also included in the welcome capsule, so you can taste it if you buy an Illi machine!

I strongly recommend Eli Machine