Naver Blog Google Search Top Exposure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Method

Naver Blog is a blog service operated by Naver. Naturally, when searching on Naver, the search algorithm determines the ranking of blogs exposed to the top. 톡톡 미디어 Keyzard is a free service that allows you to optimize your search engine (SEO) through backlinks so that Naver blogs can be exposed when searching on Google.


Top exposure of Naver Blog Google search
Backlinks refer to references that correspond to citations. The amount and source of web pages’ backlinks are among the key factors that Google’s PageRank algorithm evaluates to gauge how important pages are. The importance of backlinks plays a similar role to the citation analysis of books, dissertations, and academic journals.
In particular, external links The more links you have from a site other than your own blog to your blog, the better the search engine optimization score and may appear at the top of the search results exposure.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Web page search engine The task of organizing web pages to match the way robots collect and rank data so that they can be ranked at the top of search results.
The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) is increasingly being highlighted because Google ranks websites according to whether or not to optimize the search engine.


Search Engine Average Inflow Rate

Average inflow rate of search engines in the first quarter of 2021 (Source: Ditty

Average inflow rate of search engines in the second quarter of 2021 (Source: Ditty
From the above data, you can see that the average inflow rate of search engines is falling to 2-3% P every quarter for Naver, while Google is growing on the contrary. Currently, it represents nearly 30% of the inflow rate of search engines, so even Naver blogs should no longer rely solely on Naver search, but should keep Google’s search in mind.


Register Naver Blog Google Search on Keyzard
First, access the KidZard website below and sign up.

After signing up as a member, select your nickname at the top to go to the Personal Information Modification menu.


Click the ‘Naver ID link’ button at the bottom to link the Naver ID.


If you enter your Naver ID, you can receive an email confirming the connection.


If you click the link in the mail box as above, the Naver ID will be linked to the keyzard.


“Naver Blog Google Search Top Exposure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Method”


If you succeed in linking your Naver ID, the above information message will appear and you can even receive points. This point will make premium features available later.


After logging in again, select ‘Register Naver Blog Google Search’ in the upper left corner of the initial screen.


If you select the RSS subscription button, you can register the Naver blog posting of the registered Naver ID at once. RSS registration can be registered once a day and up to 50 recent articles can be registered.


If you want to register one by one, you can manually register one by one by registering your blog post address.


You can also check if the registered posting has been registered through the inquiry menu.


Today, we learned how to register Naver blog posting on Google so that Naver blog posting search results can be obtained through Google search. I hope you can use it well.